Artist Statement

I am interested in the intuitive aspect of life and how it operates. All of my paintings  are unplanned so that frees me from too much thinking and in turn allows the intuitive language to be expressed in an abstract form. I love the freedom of creating this way, it allows the unconscious to be explored while living in the world today. I communicate this through colour,  line and texture, the mediums I use are acrylic and oil paint on canvas. 

Vida Ryan


Born 1960 Melbourne Australia

1984 Graduated from Melbourne College of Textiles

1996 Graduated from NMIT in Diploma Arts Melbourne

1998 Artist in residence :View Bank Primary School in the City of Banyule Melbourne

Facilitated  Sculptural and Ceramic Group Workshops                        

Curated and implemented a large permanent Art Installation within the College. 

1999 – 2006 Exhibited at Parade College Art Show

2000 – 2004 Artist in residence: Parade College Bundoora Melbourne   

Facilitated Ceramics, Sculptural and Mosaic Group Workshops                  

Curated and implemented three permanent Art Installations within the College. 

2010 Exhibited Paintings at the Barbar Bar Nth Melbourne

2012 First solo Exhibition at the Collingwood Gallery Melbourne.(The Woe and the Wow and everything in between)

2013 Exhibited at Summer Exhibition Collingwood Gallery

2013 Exhibited in the bi-centennial Exhibition of the colonisation of the Blue Mountains. Gifted painting “The Crossing” to Elder of the Dagrug and Gundungurra nations in the Blue Mountains

2014 Exhibited in “The Refugee Exhibition” Collingwood Gallery Melbourne.

2014 Exhibited in Pop up Art Show Reservoir Melbourne

2014 Exhibited at Joint Exhibition at Collingwood Gallery (The flow of life-feeling and thought )

2014 Commissioned work for Our Lady of the way Parish Kingsbury Melbourne

2014 Two Private commission paintings (Busy but Fun and Peace in the Sunset)

2015 Acquired a studio space ( Easey Street studios collingwood)

2015 Artist in residence at Jets studio Bundoora, working with special needs young people.

2015 Exhibited in the 'Contemporary by Nature' exhibition Richmond Melbourne, summer arts festival.

2015 Exhibited in the Contemporary Art Society Brooch Show South Yarra and Fitzroy Melbourne

2015 Exhibited Decoy Gallery

2015 Exhibited in the Winter Salon Collingwood Gallery

2015 Exhibited CAS Annual Exhibition ( Highly Recommended prize for “Big Red” Judge John Cattapan

2015 Exhibited at “Art at Burnley Harbour” Exhibition of works by contemporary artist Society

2016 Summer salon Collingwood (Renovation Rumble TV show bought painting )

2016 Exhibited at the Decoy Gallery Melbourne

2016 Commission work (Gentle Breeze 1)

2016 Published interview by online magazine

2016 Two commissioned works ( “Mauve hues” and “Resilience in action”)

2016 Exhibited in Winter Salon Collingwood Gallery

2016 Exhibited in the Belle Arti Prize 2016

2016 Exhibited at the Agora Gallery New York “Interpretive Realms: Exhibition

2016 Exhibited in Summer Salon Collingwood

2016 Exhibited in the Easey Street Artist Studios Show “Eclectic”

2017 Paintings used in back drops for TV show “Ask the doctor” (paintings “Resilience” and “unconscious abstract”)

2017 Exhibited in the Winter Salon Collingwood Gallery

2017 Exhibited Collingwood Gallery "Intuitive Thoughts"

2017   commission work

2018 Exhibited at contemporary Art Society A4 Herring island Richmond

2018 Exhibition at Santos Cafe and Bar Smith St Collingwood

2018 Exhibition Collingwood Gallery

2019 Contemporary Artists society Annual Exhibition 

2019 Artistic Individual Tuition for Private Clients

2019 Exhibiting online gallery Bluethumb     

2019 Exhibiting painting ' Fusion' at Susie's cafe Easey Street Collingwood.

2019 Exhibited in Contemporary Art Society Annual Exhibition.

2021 Exhibited in New Futures Exhibition Whittlesea Highly Commended for Marigolds painting.

2021  Ist Prize for painting Balancing Act in the Contemporary Art Society Judge Prudence Flint.

2022 Exhibited Contemporary Art Society A4 Exhibition in Summer Arts Festival.

2022 Exhibited in the Red Gallery Redrospective.

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